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The Quintessential Chic Home
Sophistication is reflected in the clean modern lines, the mix of darker and earthy tone with lighter and softer furniture and the layers of light, which create a soothing yet dramatic ambience, Depicting a stylish and modern interior. Each room and space has been injected with the right amount of classic touches and contemporary elements, which create an interesting, dynamic and cool feel.
Enhancing the overall mood in the lounge, a combination of darker and softer earth tones create an interplay of colour shades, such as the dark grey wall that is lit with a warm light giving it different tones, which allows the natural timber wood features to pop and stand out against this backdrop.
With linen sofa in an off white shade, the varying tones of the cushions customise and embellish, whilst unconventional ornaments and decor add character and life to this space.
An open dining and kitchen feels warm and rich, having integrated more timber furniture and fixtures. In soft grey hues, the kitchen is chic and modern. Enhancing the ambience of this area, glowing lights create an elegant atmosphere, which is complimented with matching beige curtains. In a secluded corner a pool table in matching earthy tones makes this the ultimate chill out zone. Finishing touches and decor that is used widely throughout the home adds personality, keeping each space intriguing.
Bringing panache to the bedrooms, the combination of tones, materials and lighting all merge together, creating rooms that are visually enticing, representing the quintessential chicness.