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Unlike any other electrical companies, WE GO BEYOND YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS. We are well recognized by our clients for our precise problem solving capability. There is no try-and-error or shooting in the dark like many others do. We use various test instruments to test and pin point straight to the root cause and solve the problem. Scientific methods gave us the real data to work on the actual problem, no bull shitting.
We are competent in electrical wiring system, lightning protection system, earthing system, power recovery system, smart home system, building automation system, home/office computer & networking system, barrier gate system.
Besides installation, wiring, troubleshooting electrical problems, we can perform various tests such as: (1) Earth resistance test (2) Insulation test (3) Power quality datalogging (4) Continuity test (5) Conductivity test
We also have the professional drone to take photo/video beyond human reach, to capture any relevant work related targets for client's record. Our customers will truly understand what we are working on, and appreciate the value of our service.
All workers are educated locals with electrical engineering degree, diploma & vocational certificates.

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