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We are specialist in:
1. Install New Air Conditioning
2. Install Secondhand Air Conditioning
3. Services Indoor and Out Door (Compressor)
4.Re-Fill Gas
5. Dismantle /Relocation
6.Wiring -Light/Fan/Socket/Water heather

"good service with reasonable price" —aien

"good service with reasonable price, problem solved and very satisfied with the result" —mohdamirul

"problem solved, everything is fine" —jess129

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"Went out of their way to make sure everything is okay. Arrived early. Cleaned after their work is done. - review from third party site

" —Anis

External Review

"Very easy to deal with them. Straight forward and on time. - review from third party site

" —Hafizul

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Typically responds in less than 3 days

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