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"Good job overall " —Pamela

"The issue with ant did not resolve" —Siti Norbaya

"Appointment at 2pm and the service person text me last minute (noon) said he want to come either now which 12ish noon or 3pm. I said no because of the security permission from 2-3pm. He replied he will arrived before 3pm which i ok with it. However, he did not arrived before 3pm and texted him why he so late? Then only he text car breakdown. I mean like why dint text me at first hand? I need to cancel my own plan just to wait for his arrival. Upon arriving, he dont even apologise that he’s late and immediate go in to my bathroom without introduction or brief about the service. I thought he knew my main concern is kitchen area but somehow he just spray from infron house, bedroom then only kitchen. Worst, if he need help to remove/ rearrange stuff at wall corner please ask me or my hubby. He literally just spray the corner of the wall which there is my pillows, sofa, dyson hairdryer. Result after first pest control, first 3 days i still alot cockroach in my kitchen just like nothing has been done. Dont want to argue i just paid him full just for his lousy service. Am sorry no more next time. My first and last using recommend. Bad experience for me.... :( " —Sasha

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