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Looking for shining up your house?Here we are ready to help you!

We have been servicing around all over the Klang Valley and Penang for more than 20 years. We are mainly focussing on house cleanings and commercial cleanings. Our maids are mostly foreigners, where they are from Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan and Indonesia. We ensure the cleanliness of our workers are at its best. Our cleaners are well-trained and able to use tools efficiently and so finishing up their jobs on time.

~ After Renovation Cleaning
~ House Cleaning
~ Commercial Cleaning
~ Moving in/out Cleaning service

Keep a trust on us and we will give you our best!

Since we are getting abundance request from our customers, we opened a new branch at Penang recently. We are still planning to expand our services more and more, probably all over the Malaysia. The most common reviews we have been getting from our users are:

'SG is the most reliable cleaning company since the workers are really efficient and effective, where the jobs are getting done on time' - Khadijah from Selangor.

'I will surely recommend SG cleaning services to as many people as I know. Their service is too good and worth the price i paid' - Chow from Penang

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3.5 (based on 3 reviews)


Agnese05 August 2020, 06:59

Don't write English


Nur Jayizah19 May 2020, 08:25

I booked two cleaners with expectation, one cleaner would clean one area, but it turns out to be two cleaners were focused on one area at a time and were so dependent on each other which slows the work progress. Hence I had to extend from 2 hours to 4 hours and doubled up the charges.


joannechong5bfa17 December 2017, 16:14

Job was rushed. Things were stacked messily on each other or stuffed into plastic bags instead of arranged/tidied. Rags and buckets were left lying around after being used. Toilet bowl brush was left in a bucket with a few rags. Gates/grills were left open after wiping. Bottom of grills not cleaned.

Guest Joannechong5bfa 17 December 2017, 16:15

They were also late for half an hour, causing a delay in our schedule = my daughter being late for her class.

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