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The date and time chosen on was Friday morning session but my job was accepted without any quotation shared with me before technician came over to my place and check the problem. The agreed time and date was Wednesday 10.30AM but technician only arrive almost an hour later without updating me. I was told they will verify the issue and provide me quotation later. But by the time they arrived, they rectified the issue and told me fees and charges is RM200. The job done is only check what is the problem with my washer, and they only open up the washer cover (back and top) to verify and only clean my washer filter (front bottom of washer). Which I do not feel the price is equivalent of what being done. And technician did not let me know the quotation despite several times requested til they finish their work. The worst part is after they move my washer back in place, the outlet hose is not put back into the drain outlet on the floor. This makes all the water drained by my washer floods my whole kitchen and I need to clean this mess. Any job put on should have several technicians / service providers to provide me at least the basic quotations for me to choose who I should give the work to. This is very unprofessional at all.


Aircond was hot prior to the servicing but it did not trip. They insisted that it was the motherboard which is fine but prior to the diagnostic the electricity did not trip. Now it does which could mean they did not put the wires back in their rightful place. Booked chemical cleaning but didnt get it done but had a diagnostic done which resulted in the trip. Nevertheless, the serviceman was polite but did not solve my problem but made it worse.

Ahmed Ziyad Jeeva replied 10 months ago

Hi Mr. Hadi your Aircon PCB faulty... And You Book for chemical Cleaning without we check your Aircon we can't proceed chemical cleaning... Chemical cleaning doesn't mean your PCB faulty and after cleaning it's become normal.... Before we open open your Aircon cover we inform you Already that problem from PCB..


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