Shine White Cleaning


Anti-virus Disinfectant Fogging Solution incorporates nanotechnology, provides instant

99.999% kill rate of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi when activated on all

surfaces. Colorless, odorless and non-toxic in the formulation used and have been tested for efficacy in various circumstances. Our cold fogging also has the ability to neutralize the strongest of odors.

-Full immediate hygiene control of the establishment by experienced qualified operators.
-Treatment bi-monthly cycles or as required.
-No room preparation except toy layout is required.
-Disinfection of all exposed surfaces, equipment, tables, hard surfaces, fabrics, bathrooms, cushions & curtains is accomplished in minutes. Treatment includes ceilings, light fittings, wardrobe and drawer interiors, cupboards, remote controllers, door handles and light switches.
-Rapid turnaround room treatment can be occupied almost immediately after treatment.
-No remaining chemical odours, residues, or evidence of treatment.

-Safe if Ingested
-No Rinsing Required

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