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Malaysia based contemporary style wedding photographer.

We provide professional photography services for special occasions such as wedding, corporate event, family portrait, etc.

Should you have any photography need, you are welcome to send us your inquiry and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. We are open for discussion at anytime.

"We booked him one year in advance because we didn't want anybody to book him on my wedding date. We went through a lot to find a photographer that meets with our budget and originality. SimplyBenji met with our requirement perfectly.
He's a very attentive and professional photographer. He knows how to direct you to get your best angle and the best lighting. He tried his best to meet with our requests and needs. He surprised us with an amazing SDE slideshow. We were very impressed with the slideshow shown at our wedding reception.
I love the end result of our wedding photos. He didn't go overboard with his editing and kept everything natural and sweet. We couldn't stop going through our wedding photos even until today and if only he does video too, I would take his service! If I can get married 30 times (with the same man, of course), I would definitely hire SimplyBenji as our photographer and hopefully, as videographer too (unless he gets sick of us!!) :)" —Yvonne Deborah Peter

"Excellent service from Benji. He is a very attentive and observant photographers, great with close up and portrait shots. He is good with colors and very responsive in capturing the crucial moment. In fact, during the recent actual day shot he did for us, he has done much more than what a normal photographer would do, helped us on the planning and scheduling to ensure a smooth overall process. 2 thumbs up for him! " —Hock Chin

"Benji did an amazing job for our ROM and Chinese recepton!

One of the factors that made us choose him as our PG (besides his beautiful portfolio) was that he agreed to meet up with me somewhere near our home. He was sincere and not once did I feel pressured into signing up. He answered my many questions patiently and did not hard-sell. He literally showed up, answered my questions, assured me of his professionalism and left the decision entirely up to us.

During the weddings, he really captured the fun and happiness on everyone's faces in a very journalistic way without intruding in the moments. He just seems to be able to capture at just the right moment.

Benji was on time and even stayed later than he was supposed to. He worked tirelessly running around and didn't even have time to eat (which we feel very bad about)!

A couple of friends, upon seeing our photos on FB, asked for his contact and I would highly recommend him!
" —JWong

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