Quite handy guys, good painting job and even helped to fix our lighting, thanks!

Eashok.123 replied 21 days ago

Tq good day to you


After waiting from Apr 7th 2021, till May 23rd 2021, I still have not receive my official receipt for my painting payment. Below is my experience, please do review on your own.

Date agreed to Paint : Mar 29th, 2021
Date actual Start to Paint : Mar 31st
Work Finish: Apr 7th

Overall big picture looks okay.

However advised to double check, as many corners and behind the doors are not covered.

As rushing to complete work on last day, not much time to verify painting.

During sales talk, was told that they will skim the wall and make smooth before paint. But when we question after the paint, what was told is the wall originally was in that condition, so they cant do nothing.

Overall, if you are not fussy into details, it will be a good job done.


Hired this pro for urgent request to paint kitchen wall tiles (less than 100 sq ft space) I provided all paint and found their labour costs to be very fair. Ashok and his team were polite, professional and did a great paint job. Will definitely use their services again and recommend to others.


They provided service required within timeframe agreed. Recommendef service.


Workmanship ok , recommended


Excellent service for a reasonable price. Finished a two-day job within one day. Would definitely recommend them.


Friendly contractor and easy to deal with.. Job done is really nice and smooth.. Recommended!!


The painting job was good and done professionally


Good job, very well painting


Very good job, happy customer. Will have them back for my next painting job.

Ivan replied 8 months ago

How do you put reviews in?

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