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Good and structured working ethics.

1. The individual should be fit to work and not done with running nose.
2. There should have been a receipt detailing the works done, including replacement items, etc.
3. Only 1 person came in ? Works can be completed earlier if there are more people came in, and things can run parallel.
4. 1 individual came in for the works, using motor bike, should consider using different vehicle, car, etc. So items require to buy can be done effectively and safely, does not require intervention by the client.


Good service!


They know what they were doing. They explain what was the problem. Had no trouble in communicating with them. Price for the replacement products was fair.


He did not tell me that the room will be very dusty. At least i can take my computer out. He did not tell me to take out any thing from the room. Now im worry that all the dust that already enter into the cpu will damage my computer.


Punctual and excellent service




Good and efficient service


Very good service

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