Frameless Swing Door (7'x3')(Tempered Glass)
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The popularity of Frameless Glass Sliding Doors has been increasing exponentially in the past few years due to its aesthetic appeal and a huge array of customization options. More than opening the interior of the home and merging it with the outside world, frameless glass doors greatly improve ventilation and increase natural light in the home.
There are many functional and architectural benefits of installing frameless glass sliding doors. Let’s go through some of these benefits.
Uninterrupted Views
Since there are no frames to obstruct the view, you can get a continuous, uninterrupted view while shielding your home and yourself from the weather outside at the same time. Whether you are watching your kids and pets playing outside on a Summer evening or just enjoying the view outside from your bed on a winter morning, frameless glass doors will make sure that your line of sight is always clear.
Since each of the glass panels can be slid individually, you will have the option to open one or more panels to create a natural air flow system for your home depending on your requirement. Also, the capability of each panel to slide separately makes it easier to clean. Sliding glass doors are excellent insulators; hence, are ideal to save energy and reducing your electricity bill by retaining your home’s temperature.
All the door panels are made using tempered safety glass which reduces the risk of accidents considerably. The lamination in the glass also acts as a sound barrier thereby eliminating unnecessary disturbance from coming in your home when the doors are closed. Unlike the traditional framed sliding glass doors that have frames coming up which can cause obstruction while moving in and out, most of the frameless glass sliding doors work on invisible tracks (2 mm to 10 mm slots on the floor), thereby giving additional safety.
Giving your home a makeover with a frameless glass sliding door will instantly increase the value of your home owing to its modern look. It increases your livable space, optimizes open space area and enhances view, thus giving a more sophisticated feel to the home and increasing resale value.
These doors can be obtained in many different colors, depending on your stylistic needs. Furthermore, you can make them energy and cost efficient, based on single, double, or even triple glazing based on your choice. You have the option to choose top, bottom or both locking mechanism in order to have enhanced security. You can choose to have it motorized if you don’t want to open it manually.

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