Frame Swing Door 7'x3')
batu caves Stack of money Estimated price: RM1008.0

Price are determine by squarefeet

These doors can be obtained in many different colors, depending on your stylistic needs. Furthermore, you can make them energy and cost efficient, based on single, double, or even triple glazing based on your choice. You have the option to choose top, bottom or both locking mechanism in order to have enhanced security. You can choose to have it motorized if you don’t want to open it manually.
• Swing Door is PERFECT for Kitchen, Toilet, Walk in closet, Living Hall and any room door as it gives abundant of benefits listed below:-
• The BEST space-saving door, open 100% FULLY space
• Made of 100% WATER & RUST PROOF aluminium frame.
• UV Coating protect your artprints on Ecopanel from harmful UV ray and gives durable protective shield on colors.
• Highly scratch resistant .
• Made of aluminum frame which is water and rust proof.
• Frame color comes with more than 10 color choices.
• Fully Custom Made and 100% Flexibility.
• Lightweight, Extremely Easy to use.

Advantages of swinging doors are followings

People use swinging doors in laundry, saloon or kitchen
It is convenient
gives a good impression.
it's a great way to create privacy
It saves energy than the other doors, in other ways, it is energy efficient
Such door swings closed by itself

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