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Sun Jaya Pastries And Dessert was incorporated in the Year 2006 with the sole purpose of providing good food to the general Malaysian with an affordable price. It manages to capture the Malaysian heart through its many delicious local delicacies namely its kuih variety, thai food, pineapple tarts, nasi lemak, rendang chicken, fried tom-yam meehoon and etc.

Sun Jaya was founded by husband and wife partnership Andy Ng and Josephine Yeap whom have dedicated so much of their time and energy into food industry. Business before Sun Jaya incorporation was then a home-made humble company with only a Rm200.00 start-up capital which produces kuih for wholesale to the morning market. Home-made and product originality was a strong word of mouth advertisement that contribute to its success.

Since then, business has improved by leaps and bounce. With support from its loyal customers and suppliers, it has extended its business from kuih wholesale to food catering business

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