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What kind of product / services are we offering?

At Supamommy, we provide deep cleaning services to any households/commercial areas.

How does Supamommy came about?

Out of frustration of the owner, as a mother of two, due to the dust mites in the house. The kids have got affected by all the dust mites allergies that caused them to have skin itchiness often. Bed sheets were being changed regularly and vacuuming session was done by normal vacuum machine but still they have the bites and skin itchiness.

Until the mother has came about vacuuming and steam session for the mattress. The condition of her children has since been changed tremendously.

No more scratching here and there and no more bites. They can finally sleep better and skin condition is recovering gradually.

Objectivs of the company?

To provide a solution for mothers out there who face the same issues and as well as for those who have the issues below :

- Asthma
- Sinus
- Skin itchiness/allergies (due to dust mites)
- Runny nose (due to dust mites)
- Watery/red eyes (due to dust mites)
- Nasal congestion (due to dust mites)

Areas Served

Selangor Kuala Lumpur


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