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Supersharkz Swim School was founded out of love and passion for the swimming, as well as out of determination to bring an innovative change into the Malaysian swimming scene, by two siblings, Mark and Marilyn Chua. Both siblings are current Selangor State Team Coaches, former National Swimmers, and Marilyn is an Olympian.

Mark and Marilyn became coaches of the Selangor State Team in 2003 and 2005 respectively and encountered many difficult challenges in coaching due to the poor foundational skills of the swimmers they inherited. Undeterred and eager to make a difference, they revolutionized the Malaysian swimming scene by setting out to establish the Supersharkz System of Learning to Swim in 2007.

Both Mark and Marilyn have been swimmers since early childhood and both were driven to take their talents to a higher level. While Mark honed his swimming and coaching skills in Australia, Marilyn’s swimming career led her to a scholarship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – one of the most prestigious and competitive Division I Swimming Universities in the United States. Studying and training in the USA earned her a place to represent Malaysia in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

Upon returning to Malaysia and first hand experiencing the lack of progress in swimming techniques and training, Mark and Marilyn designed a system that combined elements of SwimAustralia and SwimAmerica (the well-proven methods of teaching swimming in Australia and the US) and manifested it into the Supersharkz System of Learning to Swim thatpioneered the way swimming is now taught and learned in Malaysia.

The step-by-step process of the program allows parents to clearly monitor their child’s (or their own) progress and ensures an effective and appropriate way of swimming in accordance to the highest standards of the world.

Both Marilyn and Mark’s goal is to provide everyone – regardless of age, race, status and physical ability – the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and love swimming as well as to reach their highest potential in the sport – be it recreational or competitive.

Mission Of Supersharkz
To spread awareness on the importance of learning to swim as a life-saving skill, as well as the many other valuable health, physical and social benefits of swimming
To ensure that all our students have a positive and enjoyable experience while learning the fundamentals and proper mechanics of swimming
To nurture excellence both in and out of the pool
To promote swimming, both as a recreational and competitive sport, throughout the community and country

Our vision is to help enhance people’s lives through swimming, to make them feel at one with the water, and to keep everyone swimming for life.

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