Luxury home design in Seringin Residence
Location grey Kuala Lumpur
Completed 1800 - 2400 sqft Condo / Apartment Balcony Living Room Sitting Room Hallway Modern Contemporary

Experience luxury living at its finest with TDI Living Concept's stunning interior design project at Seringin Residence.
From the contemporary elegance of the living room, highlighted by a sleek blue and gray sectional sofa and bold blue pendant lights, to the sophisticated kitchen with its sleek black cabinetry and luxurious gold accents, each photo captures the essence of high-end modern design.
Explore the vibrant dining space, the upscale comfort of the living room, the stylish rooftop patio, and the elegant balcony overlooking the city skyline.
Immerse yourself in the opulent dining area, the modern luxury of the dining room, and the chic outdoor space.
Admire the luxurious game room with its vibrant green billiards table, and the luxurious living room with its sleek black marble TV wall.
Each image showcases the impeccable attention to detail and impeccable style that TDI Living Concept brings to every project.
Discover the epitome of luxury interior design and find inspiration for your own high-end Malaysian home.