For over three decades, Simon Teh, owner of Tehnichi Audio – has strived towards one goal – excellence in car and home audio reproduction.

In all that time, Teh has heard and compared more models of audio components than he can remember. He has tried everything he can get his hands on, forever searching for those that were truly exceptional.

He has also visited the homes of countless audiophiles and heard their systems in depth, often assisting them with matching the right components and room acoustics to fit their musical tastes and wants.

It was on these pastures that Teh found that a crucial consideration in the quest for the ideal sound lay in the understanding of acoustic, basic electronics and the different products that are to be put together. This led to the founding of Simonte and its range of audio products.

With our teams combined experience, Phass products and the components of Simonte products, it has allowed us to deliver these qualities and more for sonic superiority that is often unequalled in competitors’ audio system.

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Simon Teh, very nice guy and pure audiophile at heart. Personally did my installation and totally revamped my puny OEM to full sound and bass. Very good service and will take time to ensure you are happy with the results.