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Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe - Your Perfect Getaway for Home Style Cooking and Friendly Atmosphere

Welcome to Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe, a small and cozy place where you can relax and indulge in home style cooking, as well as enjoy a great cup of your favorite coffee or tea with friends, family, and even your pets!

With over a decade of experience since our opening in 2011, we take pride in providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for our customers. Our dedicated team of chefs, both in the hot kitchen and pastry kitchen, are committed to planning and customizing your dining experience to ensure you and your loved ones have a memorable time. From personalized dining menus to customized cakes and pastries, we go above and beyond to cater to your preferences and create a delightful culinary journey.

But don't just take our word for it. Our customers have spoken, and our exceptional quality of service speaks for itself. With a stellar 4.6-star rating based on 15 reviews, our commitment to excellence shines through. One customer, KAUSHIK, praised our top-notch service and gave a special shout-out to Ms. June for customizing their order to perfection. Their recommendation solidifies our reputation as a trusted choice for your dining needs.

Our dedicated team consists of two passionate individuals who pour their heart and soul into every dish and cup of coffee we serve. Whether you're planning a special event, ordering a cake, or simply looking for a place to unwind, Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe is the perfect destination. We offer a variety of services, including cake baking, catering, party planning, emceeing, event decorating, event venues, event catering, wedding cakes, bands and singers, and private chef services.

Conveniently located in multiple cities across Malaysia, including Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Cheras, Puchong, and Subang Jaya, among many others, we strive to bring our exceptional service and mouthwatering dishes to all corners of the country. Our extensive coverage ensures that no matter where you are, you can experience the Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe difference.

As we continue to expand our reach and strengthen our presence, we have also made our mark in the digital world. With over 922 web page views, we have garnered significant attention online. This, combined with the 2274 quotations we have submitted to our valued customers, showcases our commitment to responsiveness and reliability.

At Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe, we believe in creating a memorable dining experience that goes beyond satisfying your taste buds. Join us today and indulge in our delectable home style cooking, friendly atmosphere, and personalized service that keeps our customers coming back for more. Contact us now to discuss your upcoming event or dining request, and let us take care of the rest.


Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe - Destinasi Sempurna Anda untuk Santapan Masakan Rumah dan Suasana Mesra

Selamat datang ke Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe, tempat kecil dan selesa di mana anda boleh berehat dan menikmati santapan masakan rumah, serta menikmati secawan kopi atau teh kegemaran anda bersama rakan, keluarga, dan juga haiwan peliharaan anda!

Dengan pengalaman selama lebih satu dekad sejak pembukaan kami pada tahun 2011, kami bangga menyediakan suasana yang hangat dan mesra untuk pelanggan kami. Pasukan kami yang dedikasi, dari dapur panas hinggalah ke dapur pastri, berkomitmen untuk merancang dan menyesuaikan pengalaman makan anda untuk memastikan anda dan orang yang tersayang mempunyai masa yang tidak terlupa. Dari menu makanan yang dipersonalisasi hingga kekek dan pastri yang disesuaikan, kami berusaha melebihi jangkaan untuk memenuhi kehendak anda dan mencipta pengalaman kuliner yang menyeronokkan.

Tetapi jangan terlalu mempercayai kata-kata kami sahaja. Pelanggan kami telah memberi kenyataan, dan kualiti perkhidmatan luar biasa kami sendiri membuktikannya. Dengan penarafan bintang 4.6 berdasarkan 15 ulasan, komitmen kami terhadap keunggulan bersinar terang. Satu pelanggan, KAUSHIK, memuji perkhidmatan istimewa kami dan memberi penghargaan kepada Puan June kerana menyesuaikan pesanan mereka dengan sempurna. Penyokong mereka yang kukuh meneguhkan reputasi kami sebagai pilihan yang dipercayai untuk keperluan makanan anda.

Pasukan kami yang dedikasi terdiri daripada dua individu yang penuh semangat dan mendedahkan jiwa mereka dalam setiap hidangan dan secawan kopi yang kami hidangkan. Sama ada anda merancang acara istimewa, memesan kek, atau hanya mencari tempat untuk bersantai, Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe adalah destinasi yang sesuai. Kami menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan, termasuk pembuatan kek, katering, perancangan parti, penceritaan acara, hiasan acara, tempat acara, katering acara, kek perkahwinan, kumpulan muzik dan penyanyi, dan perkhidmatan tukang masak persendirian.

Kami mudah dijumpai di pelbagai bandar di seluruh Malaysia, termasuk Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Cheras, Puchong, dan Subang Jaya, di antara yang lain, kami berusaha untuk membawa perkhidmatan yang luar biasa dan hidangan yang mengancam seluruh negara. Cakupan kami yang luas memastikan bahawa tidak kira di mana anda berada, anda dapat merasakan perbezaan Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe.

Sekali kita terus meluaskan jangkauan kita dan memperkukuhkan kehadiran kita, kita juga telah mencipta kehadiran kita di dunia digital. Dengan lebih 922 tayangan laman web, kita telah mendapat perhatian yang signifikan dalam talian. Ini, digabungkan dengan 2274 sebut harga yang kita telah berikan kepada pelanggan yang dihargai kita, menunjukkan komitmen kita terhadap responsiviti dan kebolehpercayaan.

Di Ten28Ight Boutique Cafe, kami percaya dalam mencipta pengalaman makan yang tidak terlupa yang melampaui kepuasan lidah anda. Sertai kami hari ini dan mewujudkan santapan masakan rumah yang lazat, suasana mesra, dan perkhidmatan yang dipersonalisasi yang membuat pelanggan kita kembali untuk lebih. Hubungi kami sekarang untuk membincangkan acara akan datang atau permintaan makan anda, dan biarlah kami uruskan sisanya.

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4.6 (based on 15 reviews)


KAUSHIK28 June 2019, 07:10

They were top notch with their quality of service. Special Shout out for Ms. June, who went all the way to customise the order to our taste.

Will recommend them any day.


sheryl11c34506 August 2018, 14:37

We organized our baby's 100th Day Celebration at Ten28ight Boutique Cafe. Delicious food and cakes, impeccable service, awesome deco and great value. Our guests were all happy and we have no complaints! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank June, Bobby, Yuan and the Ten28ight team for their assistance throughout the entire event. We highly recommend Ten28ight to anyone looking to host events. Will definitely use them again!


juliebelle16 June 2018, 11:56

They did my son's 7th birthday at his school and I am very impressed and satisfied with the service they have provided; from cakes, cupcakes, cookies, food, drinks and deco it's definitely a 5star for me. I was also very impressed with the details of the cakes, cupcakes and cookies not to mention how delicious they were. They really went out of their way without compromising the food and deco quality. My son's classmates enjoyed the cakes and food so much that even his teachers and his classmate's parents gave very good compliments to extent they started asking for their contacts. Thank you so much June and the crew for doing a great job and for making my son's 7th birthday a memorable one indeed! Cheers!


sherrygroene87504 October 2017, 17:26

Some of the food was not completely cooked. Their timely replenishment of food was lacking. Amount of food was very generous. Set up decor lacked imagination.
Our guests did not realize any problems because OUR team was on top of the organization of the lunch. They needed a better event manager and better communication with each other and the cooks. Their staff were enthusiastic but needed better direction.


godmot13 June 2017, 17:09


June is a wonderful co-ordinator and her team were excellent in pulling the last minute feat of producing one of the town's most talked about cake. The design was created together with GODMOT and lots of thought went into the process by them. Overall, they effortlessly delivered far more than our expectations.

Due to the design requirements, the quality of the taste of the cake itself had to be slightly compromised but we accepted the fact understandingly.

Timing: I am sure they would have made it on time had not it been for the horrible thunderstorm which delayed even GODMOT who is always on time!

As for the decor, they gave more than was expected.

We would recommend them anytime for their speciality, Ten28ight gives more than the value for your money FOR SURE!! Kudos!

Ten28ight's macaroons are really nice and not over-bearingly sweet like most we have tasted however compared to others in the market, a tad smaller in size for the price charged.

Also love their boutique cafe, so appropriately decor'ed, if only they were more centralised located, GODMOT will probably spend her writing time there every day! Visit https://www.facebook.com/GODMOTSHOP and IG: GODMOT/GODMOTSHOP to view Ten28ight's fantastic job!


estervoon11 June 2017, 12:36

I hope everyone can read my msg before u make any decision to book here. Please log in to instagram and search cake KL rather than u waste one second to check here. Their standard is too low to get that rate of price. Whatever they quote and promise you end up never make it, but the payment is still they collect same price. SPECIAL EMPHASIZE BIG STRAWBERRY and they charge me extra 30for only 3-4 strawberry but end up give me tiny poor lil strawberry without any earlier notice or payment deduct. Smart consumer please think twice! You will know WHAT IS CAKE AND HOW A CAKE SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE IF YOU TRY TO SEARCH FROM INSTAGRAM nowadays. I really hope i can upload the cake i request and also what they have done to me.
Thank you to ruin my Mother's Day 2017. And also gave me a most horrible experience for cake order.


serenesaw30 April 2017, 12:06

It was last minute when I wanted to order a birthday cake. In the end, I ordered a 2-tier chocolate moist cake with galaxy-themed buttercream exterior; and received it on time. The cake was gorgeous, delicious and not too sweet. I'll very likely be a repeat customer.


joanneng216 April 2017, 20:47

The cake is nice & as per requested. The taste also is nice and great for children & adult. Love it so much.

Medium fullsizerender 2 Ten28ight Boutique Cafe 16 April 2017, 23:51

Hello Joanne, Thank you for your valued review. We are glad you and your family like the cake. We hope to be of service to you again in the near future.

Medium fullsizerender 2 Ten28ight Boutique Cafe 16 April 2017, 23:54

Hello Joanne, Thank you so much for your valued review. We are glad you and your family enjoyed the cake. We look forward to be of service to you again soon in the near future.


Kerli23 March 2017, 09:54

I've ordered 12 pcs of Korean buttercream flowers wreath design cupcakes. The outcome is just AWESOME!!! (If only I could attach the image of the cupcake). It's so beautiful and everyone is so amaze with the cupcake. It's too pretty to eat and the cupcake itself, so delicious! June recommended me orange poppy seed flavour and I request it to be less sweeter. It's just AMAZING!!! Superbly highly recommended!!!!!!

Medium fullsizerender 2 Ten28ight Boutique Cafe 23 March 2017, 19:52

Thank you Kerli. Glad you like the cupcakes and taking time to pen down your review.Really apprieciate it. We look forward to do more beautiful cakes for you and everyone thats being so supportive. Looking forward to hear from you again soon....


cheahkahmun15 December 2016, 13:22

Good design of the custom make cake which meet customer's requirement.

Medium fullsizerender 2 Ten28ight Boutique Cafe 15 December 2016, 14:18

Thank you Kah Mun for taking time to pen your review.Hope both you and your husband also enjoyed the food and service at the cafe too. Looking forward to service you again in the near future.

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