by Evangeline about 4 years

"The Arch was recommended by my friend as they design and renovate my friend's house too. I feel very comfortable and confident of their works at my friend’s house. They have further convinced me with their extensive portfolio for many developers show units. They are different from other interior design firm too, they do have their own showroom to showcase their works where we can touch and feel their actual workmanship. I will highly recommend to all my friends too. "

by Richard10 about 4 years

"I know the Arch through Haven, the Edge, My Dream Home Award. I was amazed with their space planning. The designer is fantastic. He is able to fully utilize the space and create much storage but still maintain very functional and nice layout. I love their camouflage door design. It is really different from what I have seen in the market. Good job. "

by elaine13 about 4 years

"Very experience and award winning interior design firm. The chief designer is a graduated architect too. Input us with many unique ideas. Love it so much. Thanks for The Arch."