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The Clean Society are independent cleaning team who experienced in door to door deep cleaning service in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley area.

Before this, we work closely with our contractor friends to clean up all their post renovation construction waste and mess,
cleaning the house for their busy executive clients who just don't have enough time to clean their home.

From general home cleaning; vacuum, mop, dirty dishes, laundry, pet house cleaning, dusty window, stained toilet,

Post disaster (flood and etc); someone have to clean all the muddy floor and wall

After party/event mess; dirty dishes, stained floor

Garden cleaning; dried tree leaves all over the place, clogged drain and gutter clearance

Post renovation; cementitious dust are not invited to your brand new renovated house

Pre move in/Post move out; cleaning all the mess before move in or after move out

Auto grooming; door to door car wash service (includes car seat) and engine oil changing

Just name your mess, we clean it all for you.

Subscribe to our weekly cleaning session after you try our Super Cleaning session to get super discounted price.

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