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Kevin, graduated a Mechanical Engineer, started The Dustbox with his wife Nathalie back in 2010. At the beginning, we provide our service using standard methods and chemicals. But after 1 to 2 years into the business, we found that the standard method of servicing is very inefficient, time consuming and often come with complicated pricing depending on what type of air-conditioner the customer has.

We simplify the job and price structure to make it easier for customers. We have a single price for every type of service up to 3HP. We are the first AC Servicing Company that launch a service booking on our website. This made a difference to customers who found it easier to understand and make a quicker decision.

We find that the standard service methods continue to be inefficient. That’s when we ventured into doing our own research to develope our own specialized cleaning machine, the “Jetbox” – which also happens to be their bestselling service package in comparison to the regular-clean service offered as well.

With the Jetbox, customers can cut down servicing times from 1-2 hours to just below 1 hour. The biggest difference in using the Jetbox is that customers do not need to dismantle or take down their air-cond unit from the wall as the Jetbox can deliver the same cleaning effect with the unit remaining on the wall, plus it is less messy, eliminates bad odor and kills lingering germs and bacteria.

"Always on time. Service as expected. " —Jimena

"Very recommended, friendly and good service " —Marha

"Good service and quick respond" —DING

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