Threes & Tees is a Digital Merchandising Platform that helps companies & organizations of all sizes to merchandize their brand without having to think about e-commerce, product sourcing, order fulfilment or distribution.

What sets Threes & Tees apart from other merchandisers is our extremely fast turnaround times due to our focus on speed and quality.

Founded back in 2010 under the Ziccotees brand and then reincorporated to Threes & Tees in 2013, the company has extensive experience in merchandising for a long list of established clients.

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Sabrina Shin Jing

Reached out to Ija and his team to print 2 shirts for me as a gift for my parents' anniversary. Even though I was told that the standard time to design and print the shirt will take 3 to 4 days post payment (not including shipping time), Ija rushed my order and had them ready and delivered in 2 days! Really appreciated the thought he put into my order as I did not specifically request for the shirts to be ready early.

Recom N Admin replied about 7 years ago

Sabrina what a lovely review, thank you! Ija printed all our T-shirts too and we love them!

Jes Min replied about 7 years ago

Yeay Subby!

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