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- custom sofa
- cabinet
- wardrobe
- island
- display cabinet
- display partition
- dressing table
- door
- hidden door
- feature wall
- vanity counter
- basin cabinet
- divan
- mattress
- praying table
- tv console
- shoe rack
- cushion
- tall unit
- furniture column
- walk in wardrobe
- feature ceiling
- renovation
- wet work
- plaster ceiling
- lighting
- painting
- build up

"Kenny is an asset to the company. Helpful and highly experienced, he’s able to give valuable advice to requesters who may not be aware on certain areas on house renovation projects.
" —Swee Loong

"So far the service is good. I have made the first payment and we are embarking on the 3D design phase now. We are on a tight timeline as I will be giving birth in Sept, I hope that the project timeline is able to be achieved to be finished by first week of September before I give birth.

Mr Kenny was efficient and quite experienced in my first few discussions with him. There is an aura of confidence that I have in his work.

Will comment again once project is finished." —Debbie

External Review

"Contractor did our kitchen, wardrobe, TV cabinet, ceiling, lighting and tiling. Very nice indeed!" —Mr Tho

External Review

"Awesome job! Our family like it so much! Thank you for your excellent service and workmanship!" —Ms Cherry

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