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"Shirlyn, the boss, is one of the nicest lady I have spoken to on WhatsApp. She's polite and very responsive. She gave the assurance that her cleaners, Meenachi and Vikcy are good and efficient as well.

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out well. The cleaners were supposed to come to my place at 3pm. But they didn't turn up. Tried calling and couldn't get through their mobile, even Shirlyn couldn't get them. When they finally return my call at 4.17pm, Vikcy said that they were stuck in the rain (it started raining by that time) and they were on a motorcycle. He was not apologetic for being late, but complained that he was soaking wet from the rain and that he couldn't locate my place. If they had left earlier and come on time at 3pm, they wouldn't have got caught in the rain for sure as it wasn't raining at that time. I ended up cancelling the whole appointment and cleaning my own place myself.

The experience was disappointing and very unpleasant. In this case, it wasn't Shirlyn's fault but I hope that the company will work to hire much better cleaners to improve the image and services offer." —amanda52e365

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