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Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd (UYHS) specializes in all types of service and maintenance of air conditioning system in Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya).

We believe in transparent pricing and detail explanation of both the situation and solution required to get the job done. We truly believe in providing an "Ultimate peace of mind" for all our clients in the work that we provided. Therefore, if certain works can't be completed within the given budget we would rather reject that to go ahead with an inferior solution.

We understand that all clients who have engaged us would appreciate our professionalism in conducting the work required.

In so UYHS ( Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd) is also constantly upgrading both our tools and knowledge to maintain a competitive pricing model and yet an ultimate peace of mind experience to all client.

Working Hours are:
Monday - Saturday 9.00 am - 6.00 pm.

"They are very friendly and nice, but a friend of i who told me they are a bit over charged on me. Not sure whether its right or not. Appointment has rescheduled a few time on the same day, but has informed earlier, so im fine with it." —Qi

"Prompt in response" —Mohd Najmuddin bin Abdul Razak

"They are focus on solving problems...unlike other aircon contractors they just give excuses " —mohanmenon241e

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Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd

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