Fast and efficient 👍

Feng Huai

Communication is excellent.


Intially booked for 4pm, took time off, then workers came and told cant make it on time so had to reschedule, so why allowed the booking? Chose chemical cleaning package and a fixed amount, but on the day of service offered other cleaning method as the package chosen was substandard, then why offer a lower quality package? Gas had to be charged for a more then 10 year old air cond, and cost was lump sum rather then what i need. Service work was clean however. But at the end you feel buyers remorse cause more superior cleaning was suggested with a higher price and you opted for a lesser option.


The work was fast and efficient

Mrs Bron

The aircon gentlemen were very professional. I would definitely use them again. Ourcons were all service, they regassed several and chemically cleaned others . Great job


All is fine.


Professional and skilled

Woon yee

The term& condition very confused me, thought the deal is free gas to up, but in the end they need to charge extra rm280 for 1unit gas top up due to 0 is expensive. The communication between Pro & Recommend is alot need to improve, when both parties is not deal/clear to the t&c, there causes more confusion to the customer. The Pros is they are on time and responsive thro watapps &calls.

Buoy Sian

Aircon compressor out of order. Job done well and fast. Good service.


Great guys superb service. Thoroughly happy! Will use you again...

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