by chongms about 5 years

"The signature moist chocolate cake with ganache coating was really good.... really moist inside. Everyone who ate the cake loves it. Although the cake was for a grown up but Valerie decorated the cake with smaller kids in mind as I mention to her about my kids. The cake was kept in a lovely cake box. Before we manage to even sing the birthday song and blow the candles, one of my son attempted to bite the decoration off the cake (little cupcake with colourful sprinklers that looks like a flower)."

Val replied about 5 years ago

"thank you dear for the wonderful review!so happy to hear that you all love the cakes as well as the deco! :D looking forward to serve you all more!"

by Samantha about 5 years

"I ordered some fondant cupcakes from Val recently for my son's birthday. Val was very friendly and accommodating towards my request for a specific design. The chocolate cupcakes were moist and not too sweet. The design turned out so well. Overall, the cupcakes was such a hit! 2 thumbs up for this lovely baker!"

Val replied about 5 years ago

"thank you Samatha for such a great review! :D glad that you love the cupcake!"

by Khang about 5 years

"Had a chocolate cake from Val, the taste was excellent and the presentation was great, I fully recommend her chocolate cake for any chocolate lovers."

Val replied about 5 years ago

"thank you Nanyao!! glad that you like the cake!! :D"

by Marina about 5 years

"I was curious to try Val's creations and my first impression was that she was really warm and accomodating towards what I wanted..Of course right on schedule Val was at my home and what touched me most was her persistence and strife for perfection. One of the letters on the wordings was slightly cracked and I told her it was fine and really not an issue. Val went all the way home and in 15 min was back at my house with a new replacement. I felt so bad but it only proved her dedication and passion. Thank you Val..caked looked a million bucks and tasted great too...."

Val replied about 5 years ago

"so sweet of your comments Marina!!thank you very much for writing me a such beautiful review! i am sooo touched! thanks again very much!!glad that you are my customer! :D"

by Tan Li about 5 years

"I ordered Val's signature chocolate banana cake for a birthday celebration. Initially, i was abit sceptical as it was slightly on a pricy side. But Val explained she used macadamia nuts in her cake which explained her cost. It was definitely worth it! I was blown away by how moist the cake was. It was delicious, moist and that chocolate ganache was to die for. It wasnt too sweet. It was just right. The best thing about the cake was that it was baked with lots of love. I had 2 huge helpings of the cake and I immediately ordered another cake for another birthday party just round the corner. That is just how good the cake is..... and Val, she is wonderfully nice, super friendly and very accomodative. 2 thumbs up tp her. "

Val replied about 5 years ago

"thank you Li Cheng for the lovely review!! i am sooo glad that you and your family likes the cake!! this is what motivates me to work more and more harder to create more beautiful cakes :D i will give your daughter a most beautiful frozen cske for her upcoming birthday celebration! :D "

by Jes Min about 5 years

"Val was one of the bakers for a celebration event we had for my company. Her chocolate truffles were wonderful, individually wrapped, and it looked perfect on the outside and tasted really chocolatey, moist and with just the right level of sweetness! Some of the guests were actually taken aback and said "Oh my goodness...this is really good" when they bit into it. Will definitely ask Val to cater for another big event, very confident in her ability to deliver yummilicious goodness! "

Val replied about 5 years ago

"thank you very much Jes Min! this review meant alot to me!it makes my day :D glad that you all like the moist chocolate cake and truffles :D"

by sam2 about 5 years

"Cake texture is very soft and moist.the taste is delicious! It worth paying the money!i will definitely recommend my friends."

Val replied about 5 years ago

"thank you Sam for the wonderful review! :D"

by Jessica about 5 years

"She is very friendly baker, she will share all her masterpiece to us, creative and lovely. I had tried her cake, delicious and fresh, she really satisfied her sleep time to bake us a fresh and nice cake. What ever we requested, she will try to satisfy our requirement, try very hard to make us happy, bravo."

Val replied about 5 years ago

"thank you Jessica for such wonderful review!! you made my day! i will make sure your coming orders all gets the woe effect!! :D"

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