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What if you can buy Happiness?
Yes, we don't only sell photography and video service, we sell happiness.

Find out our public portfolio through our Youtube and Facebook, if you wish to access our full portfolio, please contact us.

Here's how we work:
1) Contact us via call or email
2) We will send you an official quotation and a production agreement.
3) You will reply with event itinerary or any related docs if you confirmed the deal.
4) 50% Deposit payable
5) We will deliver the script and storyboard to you.
6) You approved the script and storyboard by digital signature or email reply :APPROVED
7) Location Scouting if necessary
8) Shooting
9) End product delivered within 2 weeks
10) Remaining 50% of payment payable
11) Customers have 3 opportunities to ask for minor amendments in the video. (not include changing soundtrack, extending total duration)
12) Legal documents (Such as music license) are available upon request.

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Chi Jing

They are very patient to listen to what I want, even though I am indecisive, they suggested some good ideas to have a better result.

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