Modern Semi Detached House Design at The Airie,Bandar Seri Damansara
Location grey Selangor
Completed Above 2400 sqft Semi-D / Bungalow Bedroom Kids Bedroom Office Living Living Room Kitchen Patio Sitting Room Bathroom Modern 3D Design Carpentry Flooring Wetworks Plaster Ceiling Painting Furniture Lighting Curtain

Experience the elegance of modern living with WA INTERIORS' design from "Modern Semi Detached House Design at The Airie, Bandar Seri Damansara" album.
Discover their mastery in modern interior design through a collection of stunning photos showcasing their work on a semi-detached house in Bandar Seri Damansara.
From the sleek lines and minimalist facades to the warm wooden accents, each image beautifully captures the sophisticated simplicity of modern living spaces within.
With a focus on 3D design, above 2400 sqft of property size, and various areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and living spaces, this album showcases the wide scope of work that WA INTERIORS has completed.
With a modern interior design style, complemented by their expertise in carpentry, flooring, lighting, furniture, curtain, painting, and plaster ceiling work, this project is a testament to their skill in creating luxurious and contemporary spaces.
Whether it's the serene outdoor setting with its reflective pool and water features, the cozy and well-lit bedrooms, the elegant kitchen with its earthy wood tones, or the seamless blend of indoor luxury and outdoor serenity, this album is a visual treat for home decor enthusiasts.
Step inside and be inspired!

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