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Air Conditioning service and maintenance company. They are recommended as a panel contractor by condo management offices

"The good thing is that they are punctual and the service is good. However, the pricing part was not explained clear enough. They charged RM70 for gas refill for 1 air cond. As per telephone conversation earlier, the refill of gas should be only RM40, unless I request to use different type of gas where I didn't. Also, they told me the chemical cleaning is RM70, but turned out to be RM90. They should provide clear cost structure before starting the work." —jerry9

"Trusted majority's positive feedback and engaged them for AC servicing. Agreed at RM45 p/unit regardless of how many unit, but went back on their words and charged RM60 p/unit. What was worse was not only are they incapable of solving one of the units, but turned the original OK unit to unusable, and ask us to call Mitusbishi to complain, and still have the cheek to still charge us! This review is forthright from a homeowner myself, engage them at your own peril, but following majority at times doesn't mean they're as good as it claimed. I seek Moderator to act and resolve this. " —Daniel Neik

"Not the cheapest in the market but is experience which i really appreciate. He was the only provider to warn me about installing aircon at a certain location which could have caused damage to my plaster ceiling. Overall, pleased with their service and advise. Will definitely engage them again. One thing though, they were 1 hour late but hey it's KL traffic." —Clayton Narcis

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