The Spoon @ Seychelles
East African Stack of money Estimated price: RM452000.0
Completed 3D Concept Shop / Retail / F&B 1800 - 2400 sqft

However, the decoration and revealing the original structure of the space, with the machine lamps, old iron furniture and retro old pieces, is the biggest feature of the industrial style, more and more people are fascinated by the male masculine, unmodified, and then Form a personalized trend and attitude towards life.

In the design of the restaurant, it is the quiet industrial that can show freedom and un-restraint, and express the personality, autonomy and attitude of the owner! The origin of industrial winds was related to the economic development and industrial revolution in the late Second World War.

Iron tools and mechanical functional tools and furniture all affected the subsequent industrial design development. After many changes, today's popular industrial style, there are a large number of old iron pieces and antique furniture, in the space to mix and match the original furniture and fabrics to increase the warmth, so that the cold industrial wind more intimate, thus driving the popular!