Kitchen Collection by WPS
Location grey Kuala Lumpur
Stack of money Estimated price : RM25000.0

Kitchen Furniture has two aspects: functionality and artistry.

The interior design is the use of certain techniques and artistic means to create an indoor environment that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets the physiological and psychological requirements of the user. Furniture is the link between architecture and human beings, and it is the key to building value. The basic point of furniture design and interior design is the concept of “people-oriented”.

The fundamental purpose is to satisfy people and interpersonal needs. Interior design expresses design themes and ideas through colors, materials, furniture, furnishings, lights, and interfaces.

Furniture, by means of modeling, materials, and colors, affects people, reflects the ideas and culture expressed in interior design, and serves The theme of interior design is also part of the outstanding performance of interior design.