No. 15 @ Bandar Seri Sg. Long
Location grey Selangor
Stack of money Estimated price : RM245000.0
Completed Above 2400 sqft Semi-D / Bungalow

Experience the luxury and sophistication of No.15 @ Bandar Seri Sg.Long, a stunning interior design project by White Panel Design Studio.
With over 2400 sqft of completed work, this semi-D/bungalow showcases a harmonious blend of textures, colors, and linear design elements.
From the serene kitchen with light-colored wood cabinetry and mirrored accents to the elegant bedrooms featuring lake green headboards and creative art walls, every space exudes tranquility and opulence.
Embrace the low-luxury texture and indulge in a paradise-like living environment that seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor vistas.
Discover a modern retreat that offers a serene sanctuary for those seeking a harmonious living experience.