Mikali Store @ Sri Damansara
Location grey Selangor
Stack of money Estimated price : RM65000.0
Completed 1200 - 1800 sqft Shop / Retail / F&B

The texture of the Qingshui mold is simple, and its craze stretches from the appearance of the building to the interior design. Whether it is minimalist style, industrial style or Japanese style, it can be perfectly matched. The seemingly simple clear water mold wall surface, the process behind it is not at all simple. There are three main ways to create a clear water mold wall. One is the traditional "concrete infusion" technology.

This wall can be seen at the Qingshui model tribute to the contemporary architect Ando Tadao, and combined with the space design to create a freehand brush. Artistic conception, simple and elegant style of Qingshui model.