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At Whiteboard we create innovative interiors for commercial, retail, residential and hospitality environments. We assist our clients in articulating ideas and in making the best selection for a unique and desirable identity.. with all the styles from Art deco to Ultra modern.

"Whiteboard ID did my condo design and renovation in 2014, I'm very happy with the outcome and service throughout. Samantha and Jeffry are very professional and spent time to understand my expectations before they began designing,and oversaw the work until completion, which was without much delays." —Evelyn

"Whiteboard ID helped design and build my condo unit and office. The quality is good, so far, and I would say that the pricing is reasonable as well. There were no major delays in the project, and I'm satisfied with their patience and helpfulness in designing to suit my preferences. They certainly deserve a recommendation! " —Vincent

"Jeffry Yong and the WhiteBoard ID team have done a really nice job on my condo renovation. Our condo design ended was modern, with usage of glass and natural-textured wallpaper while keeping the palette homey and neutral. We love it very much! The quality of the finish was better than my other renovation contractors, although some items took some re-working to get to the right level of quality. There is a project manager that visits the site periodically, so you have detailed requirements you can communicate it to him. In terms of price, he is not cheap but he is really committed to delivering a good job to you. His service is excellent, he is patient and walk you through the different options and the pros and cons, telling you what works and what won't, and is flexible in terms of the style and materials you would like. I would recommend him to my family and friends." —Jes Min

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