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3 Reviews for WILL DECO


I engaged Will Deco in September last year but there was delay in part of the completion of the work (cabinet installation). William was very upfront with me with the challenges that he faced in managing his sub-contractors and he was honest about it (rare in this day and age!). Even though there was delay, he managed to pull through and delivered the cabinets at good quality. I'm happy with the overall quality and it was definitely value for money.

William replied almost 6 years ago

Thank You...

Justin Jacobs

Service is absolutely Awesome! Quality Workmanship and Very Reliable. Fast and very cooperative and easily understands what I require. Will definitely recommend friends and family to go with WILLDECO.

William replied over 6 years ago

Thank You, Bro Justin...i just do my best


Always provide best idea & suggestion. Quality is perfect if u are giving him more time space. A good co-operation contractor if u are in rushing time. Cheers, WILLDECO

William replied over 6 years ago

Thank you, Mr Danny...wish i could look forward from u soon for the next projects.

Poh replied over 6 years ago

can i hv your email?

Hoong replied over 6 years ago

[email protected]


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