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We provide electrical wiring , alarm & CCTV installation in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

We offer reasonable and fair prices for our services. Prices that are affordable to install the electrical wiring of your dream home and office.

Our wiring specialists are experts who have been practicing wiring work for years. We believe in constant studying and growing to keep up with the development of the industry

We do not compromise the quality of the material used. We offer value for our customers in order to deliver our brand promise to our customers.

You should definitely have your wiring inspected if you have repeated minor electrical problems. That could be a sign that your existing wiring is dangerously frayed, not properly grounded or not up to the demands of your modern appliances..

Call us or email us if you want to talk more about wiring installation or rewiring your house.

Please feel free to visit our show room for demo and details solution discussion

Witura Technogy Sdn Bhd

44 & 46, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama , Petaling Jaya , 47400, Selangor

"Great Install, very quick and professional. Value for Money!" —dzulkhairiiskandar

"William looks like someone who knows his work and is prompt in rectifying issues but I found out the hard way the he subs out jobs to very unprofessional people who came in and did renovations without a care about their surroundings. I am left with scratched wooden floors, scratched tiles, damaged doors and uneven walls and plaster ceiling in my new house. Everyday I see the damage I am filled with regret ever letting them do the work. The sub contractor chased for payments with some sob story of a very sick wife and after receiving them it was hard to get to come over to rectify the problems they caused. " —Eu-Gene

"I asked them to check & rectify the tripping of a new renovated house. William is fast when answering the whatsapp & calls. The electrician came to the house & check and said just one faulty MCBs. So i contacted William on this. And He saids that the wiring is wrongly connected & very bad job by the previous contractor... & the MCB is faulty. So he asked for RM600 for his service for the technician to continue. I paid him the amount and the technician just change the MCB. Nothing done to rectify the so call bad wiring job by the previous contractor. RESULT AFTER 4 DAYS THE HOUSE TRIP AGAIN. Right now i need to go and find other electrical contractor and do this all over again. Waste of my time and money. TOTALLY NOT RECOMMENDED. " —syaida86

External Review

"Overall a good experience, person manage to change lights in less than 30 min. Can be more specific on the lump sum part as I thought the price of the replacement was included but no." —Ken Seng

External Review

"Fantastic service! I've already hired them more than once to my house. The first time, 3 guys came, 2 were extremely professional and fast. They even took time to wipe every single fan/lights that they installed and went on too sweep my house. They were very passionate and extremely knowledgeable. Would highly recommend them to anyone who needs wiring done. William is very prompt when it comes to. Replying/answering phone calls. Very happy with the service they provided" —Michelle

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