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Subject was incorporated in Malaysia
Under name Xcool Aircond Service & Electrical
Registration number of 202003085559(003096268-P)
Xcool Aircond Service & Electrical is an Aircond
Service provider in the Selangor regions. Our company employs
Professional with over 10 years of experience
In the industry and thus we have offered the best quality
And excellent Aircond service to our customers in the
Selangor areas.

"Honest and professional workmanship. " —Ramane

"They can't find parts to replace the spoilt part and just keep quite without informing whether they want to continue or not. Didn't reply when asked detail about our model." —mamat

"Quick in resolving my issue" —Mohd Shahrul Izwan

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"Quick responses and they are professional. I'm satisfied with the service done." —Mr M

External Review

"The service was good, with friendly and professional technicians. Strongly recommended! " —Chew

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