by J 8 days

"Service was professional and the job was done properly. They were super friendly as well"

by mikechoong1e42 16 days

"Work was fast and workmanship is value for money"

[email protected] replied 16 days ago

"Thank you boss for taking the time to us feedback "

by DAVID about 1 month

"Highly recommended. Value for money, punctual, responsible and pricing is very competitive. "

[email protected] replied about 1 month ago

"Thank you David for taking time to write us a feedback. We're happy that you has a great experience at our event "

by Rui 2 months

"Service is on time but the quality of work for POST renovation cleaning is not up to expectation. No proper cleaning materials use to remove paint, cement and dark spots stain. After the cleaning is finish, the place still feel quite dusty from the renovation works. Can see very clear cement dusts still exist in my bathroom and windows especially the wet kitchen area. Expected more from this as it is a POST renovation cleaning and with the price paid, I can actually hire normal cleaners to clean for more than one time."

by Felicia 2 months

"They did a thorough cleaning but not very honest with their price"

by senayoakley536a 3 months

"I have lived in the condo for 12 years and never had issues with 2 cleaners not finishing, sweep, mop, dust, bathroom cleaning within the 2 hours but this time we had quite a bit of problem. However, the girls are great with the quality of cleaning and attitude! "

by Marios 3 months

"Excellent service from Xin Ru! Extremely satisfied with the whole process. Very friendly customer service, very professional, always on time, supervision of the workers doing repairs on our roof and the painting afterwards was exemplary, very flexible in terms of adapting to our needs and fantastic results. Will definitely use them again and recommend to anyone who needs these kind of services. "

[email protected] replied 3 months ago

"Thank you we will keep it up"

by Zi Yi 3 months

"Friendly staffs with professional services. Even arrived earlier than the appointment time. Highly recommended."

by sharifahfaridahabdulrasheed 3 months

"I had to reshedule the appointment and May was so accomodating. The cleaners too , took instructions well and did a good job. Tq"

by Gilbert 3 months

"I am satisfied with their service"

by Edwin 4 months

"Thorough and no short cuts. Told us in advance needed extra hour to finish job. Very satisfied"

by Tharanee 4 months

"We booked this service on behalf of our JaGaApp customer. The customer has shared with us that the cleaner was slow, but thorough. We appreciate how speedy and easily reachable the pro was. Would definitely recommend their services."

[email protected] replied 4 months ago

"Thank you "

by Zi Yi 4 months

"Friendly staffs with professional services. Even arrived earlier than the appointment time. Highly recommend."

[email protected] replied 4 months ago

"Thank you very much for your help "

by Hairul Azmi 4 months

"Meet the requirement and overall the services was very good as they did not hv extra hours to clean the house .. will absolutely fix another date or them to clean the house again before hari raya"

[email protected] replied 4 months ago

"Thank you "

by Weng Yan 4 months

"They were punctual and completed the assigned task on time. Even though there were areas (which they claimed they've cleaned) that were unsatisfactory, they quickly rectified the issue. Overall it was a pleasant experience."

by Rabia 4 months

"The ladies were late,but they did a great job. Thanks"

by Sasha 4 months

"The company rep is very responsive and receptive to feedback. She actively sought feedback after the first day of service provision. As background, I requested for 2 cleaners , English speaking on a weekly basis (4x a week)and for the purposes of continuity and convenience, that the same team be despatched each time . I was assured that the cleaners would be trained and be able to communicate clearly.

As requested, the same pair of staff were sent each day. When a team member could not make it due to illness, the company was prompt in providing notice of a replacement and sought consent before sending the replacement. Appreciated that, as I've had experience with 2 companies before who did not provide a similar courtesy.

The cleaners (1 lady, 1 man ) were both polite and on time each day. While there were some initial teething problems , e.g. floors under carpets not mopped, cobwebs missed, lights left on, these were quickly addressed by the team once they receive the feedback. Cleaners perform acceptably under supervision and try their best to adhere to our requirements. While not super diligent with cleaning, they do make an effort to tidy areas well, and clear up the equipment neatly at the end of each session.

Also, they immediately notified us when equipment was damaged ( the new vacuum cleaner stopped functioning while they were using it due to overheating), rather than feign ignorance. Cleaners were also honest, as when some areas to be cleaned were left untouched, they admitted that they did not get around to cleaning those areas when questioned the next day, then proceeded to complete the work on that area.

Overall, am happy to recommend them."

by Ng 4 months


by Renissha Nair 4 months

"The services were very good. 2 cleaners made a makeover of my whole apartment unit in just 4 hours. Very satisfied and looking forward for future services like this. "

by Susan 5 months

"Very pleasant and accommodating team. They worked hard at all my request. They did a very good job
Thank you !"