Arte Mont Kiara @ Mont Kiara
Location grey Arte Mont kiara
Stack of money Estimated price : RM29000.0
Completed Below 800 sqft Studio Bathroom Living Dining Room Kitchen Bedroom Living Room Cabinet Pantry Bilik Tidur Bilik Mandi Small Kitchen Storage Space Modern White Gray Beige

Experience the Modern Minimalist Charm of Arte Mont Kiara @ Mont Kiara by YOU DESIGN.
This album showcases the stunning interior design work in a space below 800 sqft.
From the sleek kitchen featuring clean white and light grey tones, stylish wooden cabinetry, and chic pendant lights, to the serene living room with a crisp white palette, LED strip lighting, and modern furnishings, every photo captures the essence of urban elegance.
The minimalist bedroom is a haven of tranquility with clean white and light grey tones, warm wooden accents, and gold-tipped pendant lights.
Immerse yourself in the sophistication and beauty of this completed interior design project.