Majestic maxim - 38 - project done 💯
Location grey Majestic maxim - cheras
Stack of money Estimated price : RM78000.0
Completed 800 - 1200 sqft Condo / Apartment Dining Room Living Kitchen Bedroom Kids Bedroom Living Room Cabinet Pantry Small Kitchen Minimalist Carpentry Wetworks 3D Design Plaster Ceiling Painting Kitchen Cabinet Curtain Electrical Ceiling TV Cabinet / Console Wardrobe Lighting Kitchen Island White Black Grey Purple

Welcome to the Majestic Maxim - 38 photo album, brought to you by Your Planners(M)Sdn Bhd.
Explore this beautifully designed interior project located in Cheras, spanning a property size of 800 - 1200 sqft.
Immerse yourself in the minimalist ambiance showcased in each photo, featuring sleek black cabinetry, crisp white walls, and clean lines.
From the serene bedroom to the stylish kitchen and elegant living room, this album reflects Your Planners' expertise in turning dreams into reality.
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