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Image Consultants are to show people how to create a fabulous impression, but image is more than just physical appearance. In addition to how someone looks, we also form impressions based on how someone talks and behaves.
Image Consultants can therefore offer the kind of advice that can help people land a job, get a promotion, find someone to love, or just feel good about themselves.
An Image Consultant might recommend wearing different colors or new styles, go through closets to toss out clothing that isn't working, shop for a new wardrobe, and put together incredible outfits. They might also advise a change of hairstyle, makeup, or grooming.
An Image Consultant can also serve as liaisons between the client and other professionals who can improve the client's appearance, such as physical trainers, hairdressers or dermatologists.
Image Consultants can work closely with fashion designers and selected boutiques to develop ensembles made specifically for the client.
Image Consultants may perform the following tasks:
Assist a client with a makeover, which could include a colour analysis, wardrobe detox, a new hairstyle and makeup tips.
Advise people on their vocal communication (voice, grammar, vocabulary, etc.), non-verbal communication (handshakes, posture, eye contact, etc.) and etiquette - from dining to cell phones.
Personal shopping, including purchasing clothing and accessories on the client's behalf.

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