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Piping and pump installation. Service and maintenance of household plumbing & electrical system.

"My very first service through Recommend.my, not a great experience. This uncle is very slow at replying to any message, he postponed the appointment two times, I ended up waiting 20 days for him to come have a look at the leakage. Fixed the leaking but compromised the hot water pressure. Waited another 5 days to came back to check the reason, couldn't find it, blamed the union coupling he himself installed, and then left. After another 20 days (and after I had to contact Recommend.my a few times) he messaged that he would not finish the job. I created the job in June, now we are in August and I still have the problem with the low water pressure... Avoid him." —Joe

"No fuss, easy to deal with" —Hazirah

"good service" —Affendy

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