by Yuri about 17 hours

"Very good services & responsible"

by Gaya about 1 month

"Very professional, good advice and very neat. It involved re-wiring."

by Mohd Azfar Ridhwan about 1 month

"Punctual and good service completion"

by Sharon about 2 months

"I was not happy with the service the one hired ended up messing up the water heater & didn't seem interested to fix it. Will be much careful when releasing payment in future as people don't have business ethics."

Yat Seng replied about 2 months ago

"I am requested to fix the shower brackets, I did nothing to the shower and water heater. I agreed to go check to check but I have other appointments, I could not make it immediately then I been told my service not required. "

by recommendmyjr4490 about 2 months

"Overall completed project and came back promptly for minor adjustments "

by Sharon about 2 months


by LB 2 months

"Technician is friendly and able to meet the request. "

by Ka Hui 2 months

"Mr. Yeam provided excellent service , highly recommended!! "

by Juliah 4 months

"Very prompt, willing to explain and help with questions and other plumbing issues. Kept to the quotation he provided earlier. Nice, friendly guy. "

Yat Seng replied 4 months ago


by Poh Ling 4 months

"Can give professional advice"

Yat Seng replied 4 months ago


by Siti Syahida 5 months

"I know I am late in providing review. Nevertheless, the service provided is super excellent & definitely I will re hire this contractor"

by Chu Ee 6 months

"Mr Yeam showed up on time. He also provided useful advice."

by Desmond Choy 6 months

"Professional service provider with reasonable price. Recommended."

by Joe 6 months

"My very first service through Recommend.my, not a great experience. This uncle is very slow at replying to any message, he postponed the appointment two times, I ended up waiting 20 days for him to come have a look at the leakage. Fixed the leaking but compromised the hot water pressure. Waited another 5 days to came back to check the reason, couldn't find it, blamed the union coupling he himself installed, and then left. After another 20 days (and after I had to contact Recommend.my a few times) he messaged that he would not finish the job. I created the job in June, now we are in August and I still have the problem with the low water pressure... Avoid him."

Yat Seng replied 6 months ago

"I never say is caused by union coupling. I said may be caused by ball valve. Connecting straight pipe that leaking will never cause low pressure, please use common sense unless already low pressure before pipe been fixed"

Yat Seng replied 6 months ago

"Requested date is 30th June 2020, attended on 7th July 2020, that's 20 days, do you know how to count? "

Yat Seng replied 6 months ago

"Low pressure is not caused by my repair work. Is someone tried put blame on me to get free service to settle low pressure problem. That's why is best for me not to proceed further after I have completed the original scope of work. "

by Hazirah 6 months

"No fuss, easy to deal with"

by Affendy 6 months

"good service"

by Audrey 6 months

"Very knowledgable and worked very fast, thanks Yeam for your help "

by MURALI 6 months

"the pro was giving valuable advice "

by Reena 6 months

"Very efficient fast and reliable and reasonable price. Great service "

by Siti 6 months

"Mr. Yeam is punctual and very professional in doing his job. He thought of the best way to lay the phone cable from my unit to the phone riser. It is done very neatly. "

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