by Toni 3 days

"He knows his stuff"

by Priya 5 days

"Very punctual. Came exactly on time and did an excellent job. Followed my instructions to the dot."

by Aiman 5 days

"Super efficient and honest electrician! Solved my issue effortlessly. Thank you!"

by Afiq 6 days

"Professional service by Yat Seng. We manage to spot the wiring issues based on my observation in no time. "

by Noreen Marini 11 days

"Prompt and Excellent service"

by Toni 11 days

"Overall good job"

by Syibli 19 days

"AAAA++ very skillful. Explained every single problem in detail. "

by HeyJaGa 22 days

"On time , experienced "

by Muhammad Asri about 1 month

"Kerja yg pantas, menepati masa dan masalah sy selesai."

by Muhammad Asri about 2 months

"Servis yg sempurna. Masa, selesaikan masalah dan cepat siap. Terima kasih."

by Nyet Lin about 2 months

"A really nice guy however the diagnosis with my issue was incorrect and as a result, I am still left with an oven that cannot be used. "

Yat Seng replied about 2 months ago

"My scope is electrical and wiring not inclusive equipment itself. "

by Nermala about 2 months

"They responded fast and price was reasonable"

by Nor Akmal about 2 months

"Doing tasks very neat and fast. "

Yat Seng replied about 2 months ago


by Farhan about 2 months

"Professional service with good knowledge and reasonable price."

Yat Seng replied about 2 months ago


by Malina about 2 months

"The contractor is on-time and good quality in installing ceiling fan and wall fan. Price is affordable."

Yat Seng replied about 2 months ago


by Hasmawi 2 months


by Premila 2 months

"He was very professional and provided good consultation/advice"

by HeyJaGa 3 months

"Good & Experienced Guy."

by Kelvin9 4 months

"Fast to respond and reasonable prices "

by Desmond 4 months

"Good service "

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