by jim 4 days

"Firstly, the assessment of what is wrong with my washing machine is inaccurate. According to the service provider, it is just a connection issue and all is working. After I tried to use it, it was not. As I informed him, he said it is the inlet water pump issue which require changing. He overcharge the part as well cause I checked with Electrolux Malaysia. When I informed him, he says, more or less the same. My trust is wavered and I decided to check with other service provider. Found out it is the drum sensor issue and had that replaced and machine if fixed. "

by Aini 8 days

"service Ok and person responsible"

by Raj 13 days

"Although initially brought the wrong spare, rectified the situation later by getting the proper spare and completed the job without much fuss"

by Roy 14 days

"Mr.Zam responded within a few hours. Rectify and fix the problem.

His service is excellent, I would recommend him to anyone..

Note:Mr.Zam repaired my LG Fuzzy Logic 9KG Washing Machine"

by Ee Yun 18 days


[email protected] replied 18 days ago

"Thanks for using my services "

by faisal10 5 months

"Satisfied "

by Xi Yun 7 months

"1st visit couldn’t identify the right problem, but the 2nd visit. Eventually it’s better to get new one than fix it. "

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