by Shaz 23 days

"unable to follow the scheduled date as agreed."

by Seng Giap 27 days

"Cheating customer "

by Adriana about 2 months

"Prompt to reply messages and on time."

by Shanti about 2 months

"Because the service are excellent, on time and good attitude. Im happy. The service charge is reasonable. Thanks for ur good service."

by Nandang 2 months

"Job completed fast and good workmanship"

by Diana 2 months

"i am satisfied with his service for my washing machine. "

by Nur hasnul husna 2 months

"Thank you "

by Md Marzuky 2 months

"Easy to deal"

by Kenz 2 months


[email protected] replied 2 months ago

"Thanks for use my service "

by Julaihi 3 months

"Excellent work.. "

by Diana 3 months

"He is good doing his job "

by Adriaan 3 months

"Overall his work ethics are good. Would use him again"

by Lalitha 3 months

"Well, solution was to buy a new machine. Will be getting a second opinion if the machine can be fixed. So unable to say for sure until second opinion is also the same conclusion. The technician Zam, was professional. Tq"

by Wong 3 months

"Could be more patient with installation. Some details of work could be improve but overall he is responsive, on-time (most important) and get job done. Thanks for recommendation "

by HAFIZ HUZAINE 3 months

"Expert on what he did. "

by Anisa 4 months

"The pro very helpful and able to find the root cause in minutes and fix it properly.
He also kind enough to explain and give advices how to take care and deal with it in the future. Thank you so much!"


"Good service"

by Zainal Naim 4 months

"Convinient, reliable and responsive "

by Sri 4 months

"Really amazing job by the vendor, patient and experienced person. Helped me fix the issue efficiently. I highly recommend this vendor "

by Sue 4 months

"Good "

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