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Kenneth Khun Hien

Just performing cleaning of piping services without replacing any pipe cost RM 350. Very expensive. Delay on attending onsite timing.


I had them work on 3 wall plugs and 1 ceiling fan for my bedroom, all done in a day. They come on time and did a good job. I highly recommend the service of this company.




Bro, they didn't even come to my house after the site visit. The Pakistani guy is cheating and charged me RM50, for the visit without changing anything. Outrageous and full of cheat. Hope recommend will ban this company


Punctual and service ok


Presence not within the selected time slot


I have to stop them from continuing after seeing the damage done on my front door and window. The work was shoddy and it totally destroyed the look of my house. For the price that they charged, I was expecting a professional output but instead I got a noob level quality. This is a total rip-off!


Service was really great, kept it very clean and followed SOP. Mask on at all times. Thank you for your prompt reply and clean work! Will definitely contact him again to service the next time!

Mzkglobal190 replied 12 months ago

Thanks for arguments


my wash basin fixed not done properly, came out when ask to come over to fix, he is not available. Who can fix it now? What recommend can do? Totally all work done in a messy way. Roof broken replaced with a awful way.


Work done as per request, described it carefully, and completed accordingly. Rates charge unsure.

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