Bedroom Feature Wall

Boscage - Bedhead


Bedhead styled in melamine with grey mirror design at the edges.

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Modern and Elegant

Bedhead styled in melamine with grey mirror design at the edges. 

What you get in this design

  • 3080 mm(L) x 482 mm(D) x 3000mm(H)

Note: Product installation includes carpentry work. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

The package can be adjusted according to your room dimensions, and the cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Material selection

All exposed surfaces in melamine, customisable to your choice of colours, with an internal frame in white melamine. You can also choose from these popular finishes:

1. I would like to order bedroom carpentry - how does it work?

Here are the steps to order our packages:

Browse - View our catalogue of designs, and pick the one that you like
Request - Click “Book consultation” and fill in your contact details so we can schedule the right person to meet with you
Meet - Meet someone from our team (either at our office or on-site) and bring your floor plan. If you don’t have a floor plan, we can measure it for you
Quote - We will update our quote according to your floor plan, along with any changes to your preferred materials and finishing
Finalise - Confirm and place your order
Installation - your customised built-in will be fabricated and installed in 4 weeks or less 


2. What services are included?
We will provide measurement and installation free of charge when you order a package from us. However, if you require customisation to the measurements or materials, or require creating 3D drawings, we will collect a 10% Commitment Fee upfront which is fully offset from the cost of the final product.


3. How do I make payment for a package?

Our payment terms are as follows:

  • 50% upfront
  • 50% after delivery and installation

Payment can be done via online banking or cheque using our Recommend Pay system


4. Do the works come with a warranty?
All our packages come with a 3-year structural warranty (e.g. manufacturing defects, product failure), but this does not include wear and tear (e.g. overloading, water damage, stains from chemicals, scratches or dents from impact). We also provide automatic insurance against property damages, theft and up to RM100,000 public liability insurance for the duration of the installation.


5. What if I need service after the warranty period is over?
We are always happy to provide service for your built-ins, and will charge minimal labour and materials fees when you call us again.


6. I can't find a design that I like. Can you customise one for me?
Of course! Click “Book free consultation” on any of our designs and we will call you back. We’re more than happy to walk you through our favourite designs and what we think you would love.


7. What materials are your cabinets and carpentry made of?
Most of our cabinet frames are made from melamine. However, we offer customisation options to other materials. Common alternative materials include:

Cabinet Frames

  • Melamine - This wood product is made by heat pressing wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust and resin together. Extremely cost-efficient, our melamine products have moisture-resistance built into the structure to minimise expansion
  • Laminated plywood - Made by bonding layers of resin impregnated paper, which has a plastic coated finish, together under very high pressure to create a solid and solvent/abrasion-resistant material. Normally cladded onto plywood. There are many colour and texture choices with laminates
  • Veneer - A thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material. Normally cladded onto plywood. Veneers are cost-efficient way to get a real-wood feel, with colour and texture choices


9. How much can I customise my package?
We provide a list of materials and colours that are within the same price range as the design that you’ve chosen. However, if you want other materials, there may be an additional cost depending on the material that you select. Ask our design consultant and we will be able to price this for you


10. I have an existing bedroom set but I would like to dismantle it - can you help?
Yes we can! We will need to inspect the area before letting you know how much it will cost


11. I also need to re-layout my bedroom- can you help?
Definitely! Let your design consultant know what you would like, and we’ll help optimise the space for the functionality and workflow you need


12. Once I order something, can I change it?
Changes can only be made prior to the “Finalisation” stage. After that stage, the factory may have already started building the item so changes may not be able to be accommodated. But do let your design consultant know and he and she can make a quick call to the factory to let you know what can or cannot be changed


13. How do I take care of my built-in furniture such that it lasts a long time?

For base materials that are made from melamine: Avoid exposure to water and spillages. Ensure that all spillages are wiped up almost immediately.

For suspended cabinets, avoid overloading beyond the rated weight limit.
For doors that are made of glossy, glass or mirror surfaces: Avoid direct impact or knocking as it may damage or crack the surface. Fingerprints appear more obviously as well, but it’s easy to rub them gently away with a moist cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning products that may damage the surface of your material

To clean metal hinges and parts: Use a brush to remove dust or debris caught in the hinges
Wet a cloth with warm water and a little dishwashing detergent (avoid corrosive or acidic cleaning agents)