The Recommend Guarantee

RM100,000 protection for all services hired and paid online

Enjoy more confidence and assurance for your home. When you hire a pro from, you are automatically protected against damages, theft and public liability for up to RM100,000. This guarantee immediately activates the moment you pay online through Recommend Pay.

How it works

When you submit a request for a service on, you will be matched to suitable pros who will respond to your request. Depending on the type of service, you may be asked to pay the full amount in advance, or pay it in stages according to project milestones agreed between you and your contractor.

In both cases, you will receive a request for online payment through our system. You can then make a payment online using your credit card, or make a bank transfer to our account. We will then handle the disbursement of your payment to the pro.

Our guarantee starts the moment payment has been made through our system.

What it covers

Our guarantee protects your property from damage, theft, or public liability if caused due to any negligence by the pro.

Since we hold your money for you, we will also return any amount that has not been released to the pro, in the unlikely event that the pro doesn’t finish the job properly. But, if you paid the pro directly, it won't be covered by our guarantee.

How long is the guarantee valid for?

Our guarantee is valid for as long as we are holding part or all of the amount you paid using Recommend Pay. With Recommend Pay, we safeguard 50% of your money until you agree to release it to the service professional after the job is done.

For home maintenance jobs such as aircon servicing, plumbing and electricals, we also provide a work quality warranty of 1 month.

How to report problems

Email [email protected] with information about the problem, and include all documentation, such as invoices, offline and online messages, as well as any media taken of the project site.

Complete terms of our guarantee can be found here.