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JK Event Managements is primarily a service business, we also offer products to aid our customers in planning the event themselves. Our customers get our expertise and contacts to plan their perfec...

A Makeup Artist who work at this career 13 years. Jeslyn Makeup Studio is provide Makeup and hairdo service. 新娘化妆 Bridal wedding 个人化妆 Personal Makeover 舞台化妆 Stage Makeover 公司晚宴化妆 Company...

Shooting for wedding, pre wedding. engagement & birthday party

Furniture Installation, Assembly, minor repairs , relocation services

Plan your special events such as birthday, baby shower, gender reveal, anniversary and many more with a touch of magical decorations by our team

We are one of pioneer female photographer in Malaysia. We offer photography and design services for SME, individual, commercial and corporate. Fast respond : Inst...

Face Painting by Poodie Paint - Your Best Children Entertainment Service Provider In KL & Selangor! Established in 2019, Face Painting by Poodie Paint aims to be the most high-quality, reliable ...

We are specializing in Event Management, Providing Man Power, In House Creative Design, Business Intelligence Consultants & Marketing Promotion Consultants

Capture your important moments forever! We have hundreds of top-rated photographers providing Western, Chinese, Malay and Indian wedding day photography, pre-wedding photoshoots, engagement photography, family, baby and maternity portraits and birthday party photography. They can also provide food, menu, product and corporate launch photography.

Selfies are not enough: 5 reasons to hire an event photographer

If you go to an event, you’ll notice that some people prefer to pass their mobile phone and digital camera to someone to snap a photo for them. If there’s no one nearby, they will take a ‘selfie’ or ‘wefie’.

That’s all well and good if you are a guest. But if you are the host of the event, you should consider hiring a professional event photographer. Here’s why:

They have hours of training.

These people have undergone hours of professional training before they can claim to be professional photographers. With vast experience shooting photos of various subjects and settings, rest assured you’ll be more than satisfied with their service.

They produce better, higher quality photos.

Professional photographers invest a lot of money on their DSLR cameras, accessories and maintenance of their high-end equipments. And because of that, they can deliver higher quality photos than the ones taken with any regular digital camera.

They can capture the right moments.

Special moments can never be repeated. A professional photographer has attended so many weddings and parties. Naturally they will have an instinct what will happen and how people will react after certain event. And as a pro, they never fail to be there, capturing every single emotions of their client.

They are creative in finding the best angle.

Selfie is meant for social media only, and is very unprofessional. A professional photographer will take photos of the surroundings, decoration and guests in creative angles. So when you put all the photos in an album, you’ll get to reminisce about the event down to the tiniest details. Unlike selfie photos, you can only see faces covering 95% of the frame.

They will give you professionally edited photos.

Even if the lighting was unusually dark during the event, a good photographer will be able to bring it to life. They will adjust the brightness, saturation and do a bit of touch up before compiling the photos for your album or photobook.
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