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we are specialists in Signboard supply & Installation , Cabinet Furniture works & etc.........

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| RE:IN | What do we do in exact? 1) Package Design - We provide a series of design packages for new young families & new adulting individuals looking for a new affordable cozy home with the pr...

Home improvement, renovation and interior design services

We provide services for all kind of cabinet ,plumbing ,Ceilling work..and electrical work with repairing of everything plumbers or electric or cabinet work..

We are multidiscipline interior + architectural design company.

How to choose security grille

1) Is it for security, or for child safety? Landed homes may need tough security grilles to prevent break ins. However, high-rise condos may only need lightweight grilles to prevent children from climbing over a balcony or out the window

2) Materials: Different materials provide different levels of toughness and range of designs. For example, stainless steel is strong, but only comes in a bright silver design. But, wrought iron or mild steel can be shaped into floral and curved shapes that may look nicer.

3) Maintenance: Again, different materials may need different levels of maintenance. Stainless steel and aluminium may be maintenance-free, but mild steel and wrought iron may need repainting every few years to avoid rusting

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